Software Design

HA-Dispatcher's components at a glance.

HA-Dispatcher's components at a glance.

Multi-Protocol TCP/IP based Dispatcher

  • Fully customizable communication protocol
  • Supports multiple protocols on different ports simultaneously
  • Different protocol versions on a single port
  • SATCOM Interface (IRIDIUM, Thuraya)

Non-Blocking Multiplexer

  • Geared towards modern multi-core processor architectures
  • Configurable number of working threads
  • Minimal amount of context switches
  • Configurable maximum number of concurrent connections
  • Guarantees utmost robustness


  • Ready for clustered deployment by using latest JBOSS┬« technologies
  • Integration with standard load-balancing technologies like HAproxy
  • Scales above 20.000 concurrent GPRS-connections

Datacenter Integration

  • Independent from database servers through the use of JDBC and JPA
  • Prepared for multi-carrier environments for maximum leverage in DDoS-Prevention

Customizable Layering Technology

  • Security, filtering, logging, …
  • Hot-plug additional layers
  • Prepared for a large variety of authentication and encryption schemes

October 13th, 2009